Website Design Pricing

Our mission at Visual Inspiration is to provide you with the highest quality, most carefully-selected, tested and secured open-source content management system available for your business needs. 

We believe that simplicity is the key when designing your website and in our selection of the optimal CMS for your business.  In our experience, we know that it is essential that your website be both easy to use and flexible for your clients.

Over the course of developing hundreds of websites on various CMS platforms, we have built a list of the best options available. At this time, they are: WordPress, Accisoft Freedom, and Expression Engine.

The platform we choose to develop your website will be based on the specific goals and needs of your business. Because every client’s needs are different, we do not list generic prices for a website design or redesign.

Instead, we ask that those interested in learning more about a website design project request a website design consultation. In our initial conversation, we can discuss your company’s specific goals and requirements for the website. After that conversation, we will provide you with a quote tailored to exactly what VI will be doing for you!

Request a Website Design Consultation