Inbound Marketing

full spectrum inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by leads and converting them into customers.  This is in contrast to Outbound Marketing, or “interruption marketing,” which is a strategy that focuses on finding customers by building brand awareness through advertising and promotion.

Whether you're B2B or B2C, inbound marketing helps you build your brand and capture more qualified sales leads. Visual Inspiration works with you to build a relationship between your brand and customers by attracting them with valuable content, engaging with them in social media, and gently converting them to sales leads over time.

A Customized Plan for Your Business

It is very easy to lose sight of, and even lose control of, your marketing budget and the cost of lead acquisition. Having a clear understanding of your customer’s buying habits and the ability to monitor the results and effectiveness of all your marketing initiatives can prevent this from occurring.

Visual Inspiration’s comprehensive marketing approach will:

> Increase website traffic and leads flowing into the top of your sales funnel using SEO and content-marketing best practices. We will develop the plan that is right for your business, your customers, and your goals. 
> Maximize conversion rates and increase sales through lead generation and lead- nurturing best practices. We will create and deliver a combination of articles, blog posts, videos, presentations, eBooks and white papers that connect with your audience and give your customers the information they need before they speak with a salesperson.
> Develop your industry presence by optimizing your website and creating an online community with social media marketing. We will expand the reach of your company to engage and capture leads from places you may have never thought to use.

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